Your Website Load Slow?

Slow Websites kill conversion rates, loses money. Speedy Sites impact on Google Search Engines.

RockViju com GTMetrix
Hire RockViju com GTMetrix

We optimize

Page Speed score

YSlow Score

Page load time

Server Request

For Simple WordPress Website

Only $20

What You’ll Get?

  • Upto 90+ Page Speed Score
  • Upto 85+ Yslow Score
  • Load Time Between 2-3 Sec.

For eCommerce Website

Only $35

What You’ll Get?

  • Upto 75+ Page Speed Score
  • Upto 70+ Yslow Score
  • Load Time upto 4-5 Sec.
RockViju com Google PageSpeed Insight
Hire RockViju com Google PageSpeed Insight

Slow Website is a silent killer

You’re losing 7% sales because of slow website speed. But fast loading websites has boost their sales upto 13%.

  • Google Recommend Page Load Time
  • Slow Website is a bottom line of a business
  • With that You can Boost Your Rank in Search Engine

Amazon’s calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year.

Recent Client

Vijay finished the project incredibly fast and to a high standard. He was able to make extra changes that were needed throughout the project. I highly recommend hiring him when it comes to website speed optimization.


Vijay was very profressional, fast and communicative. \n\nMy website now has almost 100% score on GTmetrix! 101% Recommended! Thank you very much!